Since 2010, EHA teams of global and local H.O.P.E. Builders have worked tirelessly to bring education, health and action to the rural communities where the need is greatest.

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EHA Mission

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Please specify your volunteer preference:

1. Medical MD / RN / Tech – please identify specialty

2. Medical Support – open to interested students

3. Education – mentoring / teaching

4. Robotics – computer programming experience or robotics preferred

5. Mission critical assignment – where
the need is greatest

** Note: EHA Leadership determines daily on-site mission assignments as appropriate.

EHA mission volunteers are always pleasantly surprised by the lushness and beauty that surrounds them in rural Ethiopia. They are greeted by the golden sunrise at Lake Langano before they start each service day.

Clinic service days are busy, with more than 1,500 patients being seen for primary care needs and being screened for surgeries. 

A number of clinical rotations and public health days are spent at the local hospital providing higher levels of outpatient and inpatient care. Volunteers also provide community health services at Gode Health center and the refugee camp
at Bishaan Guracha

The picturesque drive up into the hinterlands of Gode Mountain is punctuated by cheers and waves, children waving and calling out their warm welcome.

EHA Robotics and Summer School days are fun-filled and action-packed with friendly competition and group activities for students K-8. Our mission teams grow in size year after year, and many of our EHA Alumni join us on multiple mission trips.

While all these activities are rewarding
and truly make use of everyone’s skills
and talents,
EHA volunteers report
that what
they receive from their participation in these missions is
much more than
their financial,
or professional contributions.



About Us.

We are a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization. We’ve been improving the quality of life in Rural Ethiopia since 2007. Our medical volunteers provide health and education resources where care is scarce. Our reach extends from rural village to shantytown to developing city in the Southern Oromia region of Ethiopia. We engage our local counterparts through meaningful transfer of knowledge and work together to invest in people and resources to improve the communities we serve.