HEALTH: It’s every human’s right 

EHA provides health resources at the individual and community levels to help jumpstart healthy life changes and improve one’s quality of life


YEAR 1. In 2021, we hosted the “Gift of Mobility” mission under the leadership of Dr. Gavin Button, a gifted Orthopedic surgeon from Portland, OR, who mentored the local NAGHMC surgery team — and performed 10 hip replacement surgeries in four days.

The first of its kind, the Gift of Mobility mission not only provided free surgical and rehab care to 45 patients, Dr. Button also brought in equipment vital to performing the surgeries.

In addition, the mission also educates in-country orthopedic surgeons, nurses, physical therapists and other healthcare professionals
on the most advanced treatments and surgical techniques for diseases of the hip and knee joints.

YEAR 2. The Gift of Mobility continues in 2022 with Dr. Button performing 11 hip replacement surgeries in four days. In addition to
this remarkable achievement, Dr. Button also provided much-needed mentoring for local surgeons to perform surgeries on their own.
Building capacity and expertise of this magnitude within NAGHMC’s local medical teams creates a lasting contribution to patient care
in rural Ethiopia.

Your generous support of Dr. Gavin Button and his team will ensure more patients will receive
The Gift of Mobility for years to come.

NAGHMC General Hospital

Negele Arsi General Hospital and Medical College is EHA’s Sustainable Solution to defeat the Inequity Triad of poverty, illiteracy and disease.

Breaking ground in 2011 and opening its doors in 2017, the campus is home to an acute care teaching hospital, a medical college, staff housing, and a convention center. The hospital works closely with Shashemene Referral Hospital and Negele Primary Care Hospital, providing oversight and guidance in the implementation of NAGHMC’s Gold Standard Care.

It was recently recognized by the Oromo Regional Health Bureau as the Top Performing private hospital in the region.

Gode Health Center

Learn about our pioneering work in the Gode Highlands.

See how providing essential care where it is scarce can create a thriving community in one of the most remote places in the region.

Bishaan Guracha Refugee Camp

NAGHMC has partnered with the local government to address a humanitarian crisis that has been overlooked by much of the world. Genocide at the South Sudan border has forced many Oromos to flee for their safety.

Awassa’s local government has provided housing and a rudimentary clinic for displaced persons.

EHA Volunteers, NAGHMC staff and students are committed to providing vital services to this community in immense need.

About Us.

We are a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization. We’ve been improving the quality of life in Rural Ethiopia since 2007. Our medical volunteers provide health and education resources where care is scarce. Our reach extends from rural village to shantytown to developing city in the Southern Oromia region of Ethiopia. We engage our local counterparts through meaningful transfer of knowledge and work together to invest in people and resources to improve the communities we serve.