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Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness and low vision in Ethiopia. Although highly curable, this disease affects over a million people each year. Even more patients go untreated in rural Ethiopia due to the scarcity of surgeons and rampant poverty in the region. While cataract surgeries are readily accessible and very common in other parts of the world, Ethiopia has had limited success in addressing this easily curable disease.

EHA, in collaboration with Dr. Jacob Prabhakar and the It Is Written Ministry changed those odds providing 1,028 free cataract surgeries in just 5 days.

This mission set records on so many levels:

      • First, it is the highest prevalence of cataract disease identified in a concentrated area in a matter of weeks.
      • Second, this is the greatest number of cataract surgeries provided within just five days.
      • And third, at under two minutes per procedure, this is the most rapid cataract surgery SAFELY performed per person in Africa.

In spite of all these firsts, the need for additional cataract care remains immense. Of the fifteen thousand qualified patients, only one thousand twenty eight of them received the gift of sight. 

One person is all it takes to give The Gift of Sight.

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