EDUCATION: Sustainable solutions at every academic and technical level 

From primary school to robotics, to highschool and higher fields of healthcare education and training, EHA has sustainable solutions at every level of education.

        • Our primary and secondary education initiatives directly impact 3,000 students in Gode Village
        • Building and supplying books and computers for a local high school library
        • Providing college and medical school scholarships for deserving graduates
        • Starting the first summer school and mentoring program for primary grades
        • EHA Robotics Academy teaches Robotics to 40 middle school students at the beginner and advanced levels

NAGHMC Medical College

Providing a robust school-to-career pipeline for hundreds of new
Medical Professionals in rural Ethiopia where none existed before.

EHA Robotics Academy

Developed in 2017 by California Robotics Champion Jake Futterman when he was a high school sophomore, EHA Robotics is a groundbreaking robotics education program designed for primary school students in rural settings.

This pioneering, STEM-based program, in place at EHA’s Gode Primary School, has been expanding the minds of rural Ethiopian girls, boys and their families since 2018.

In 2020, the EHA Robotics Academy expanded to include teacher training for schools in California, USA and in the Ivory Coast, Africa.

Gode School System

The area’s only high school, Gode High School, was built by Dr. Gudata Hinika and his wife Wubitu to address the dire lack of access to education in the hinterlands of Gode, Dr. Hinika’s ancestral village. A decade in the making, the high school and library were inaugurated in 2010.

Computers, textbooks and library books were donated by EHA in 2012.

In 2015, EHA Volunteers led by Katreena Salgado, expanded the existing primary school and began the region’s first summer school program in the area.

Designed to “make learning fun,” the STAR Summer Program (Student-Teacher Academic Readiness) included

About Us.

We are a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization. We’ve been improving the quality of life in Rural Ethiopia since 2007. Our medical volunteers provide health and education resources where care is scarce. Our reach extends from rural village to shantytown to developing city in the Southern Oromia region of Ethiopia. We engage our local counterparts through meaningful transfer of knowledge and work together to invest in people and resources to improve the communities we serve.