Our Mission. Our mission is to build healthy, self-reliant communities in Rural Ethiopia through education, health and action.

About Us. We are a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization. We’ve been improving the quality of life in Rural Ethiopia since 2007. Our medical volunteers provide health and education resources where care is scarce. Our reach extends from rural village to shantytown to developing city in the Southern Oromia region of Ethiopia. We engage our local counterparts through meaningful transfer of knowledge and work together to invest in people and resources to improve the communities we serve. Thanks to donors like you, we’re building HOPE — health, opportunity, progress and education — where none existed before.

When you choose to be a force for good, your light shines brighter in the world. And the world becomes a little brighter for the rest of us.

Gudata S. Hinika, MD FACS

Founder and CEO , Ethiopia Health Aid

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