Negele Arsi Hospital and Health College

  • OPENING JULY 2017: 105-bed acute care, state of the art hospital
  • Providing emergency/trauma, outpatient, medical/surgical care to a service area of 1.2 million
  • Health college is set to open soon after the hospital and will serve 200 nursing and ancillary health service students
  • Affiliations with community health centers within a 30 km radius to primary care services to rural communities
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Building Hope in Oromia

  • When Health, Opportunity, Progress and Education come together, HOPE grows.This is the story of how one individual’s personal mission can grow into a movement that brings meaningful change where the need is greatest.
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Medical Missions

  • Serving on an EHA Medical Mission changes the lives of participants and beneficiaries alike.
  • Hear from our team members about their personal experiences.
  • Every mission is special. Every experience is priceless. Growth. Wisdom. Healing. Inspiration — these are not gifts we give, they’re what we receive.
  • Follow us on facebook for updates and schedules of our upcoming missions
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Medical Missions

  • From the original 2 medical volunteers, EHA’s medical mission team has grown to 22 medical missionaries.
  • In May, the EHA team performed 90 life saving surgeries and cared for 352 patients at Adama Hospital.
  • In the rural village of Gode, they treated 1500 patients at Gode Health Center, stocked Gode High School library with 700 books and donated 200 soccer balls to the Gode High School soccer team and other soccer teams in the area.
  • Follow us on facebook for updates and schedules of our upcoming missions
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Be A HOPE Builder

Health | Opportunity | Progress | Education

  • Support our schools and scholarships
  • Support a medical mission
  • Help furnish our new hospital
  • Become a Medical Volunteer
  • Share our story with your network
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Gode Primary School

  • Elementary and middle school renovation for 1,700 children
  • High school, computer lab and library development for 2,500 students
  • College scholarships for top 15 graduates of Gode High school (65% of new graduates are girls, up from 2% in 2011)
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Adama Referral Hospital

  • Affiliation with state-of-the-art referral hospital to provide free medical care and surgeries
  • Knowledge Transfer and Medical Mission program with medical professionals from USA
  • Shipped 2 fully-stocked American ambulances  with pre-hospital care training program in development
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