March 2012 | We Hear You: Pioneering Surgeries in Rural Ethiopia

EHA Medical Missions focus on education, health and action. The March 2012 team visited Gode High School and delivered 6 computers and printers. They spent a few days in Adama Hospital working side by side with the local medical and nursing team, sharing knowledge and best practices in patient-centered care.


EHA deployed a team of 10 medical volunteers for their first comprehensive multi-specialty mission. Working with the local medical team at Adama General Hospital, they provided primary care and outpatient services to more than 340 patients a day.

Mission Results
  • The first ear reconstruction to be performed in Rural Ethiopia
  • Introduced the first laparoscopic surgery in the area  performed by Ethiopian surgeons assisted by American surgical team
  • Donated computer equipment to local high school
  • Provided life-saving surgical and medical care to 340 patients per day

EHA missions are very rewarding. Many children here sustain debilitating burns as toddlers. Working with the local team, we had a very a simple goal: Learn, Teach and Heal. We learned how to adapt when faced with limited tools, equipment and resources. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my knowledge and expertise — all so we can enjoy the privilege of helping our patients heal.

Alex Kim, MD, FACS

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, EHA Medical Volunteer

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