2018 | Missions for Health and Education

2018 saw great success with several missions in June, July, August and October — all of which focused on improving education and health in rural Ethiopia.


In June, Dr. Gudata Hinika was accompanied by a team of doctors, nurses and other medical volunteers from Kansas, Chicago, California Hospital, Henry Mayo Hospital and Stanford University Hospital. Specialists in Emergency and Trauma care, pediatrics, plastic surgery and otolaryngology provided care at the hospital as well as at three remote area health centers within a 40 km radius of the hospital campus. One of their projects was to provide screenings, medication, and care at a refugee site where, in one day, the team served about 500 people, aiding 300 in just the first four hours.



  • Dr. Satish Vadapalli, team leader / otolaryngology
  • Dr. Jennifer Keagle, plastic surgery
  • Dr. David Solomon, Emergency medicine
  • Dr. Anita Juvvadi, pediatrics
  • Dr. Sunanda Vadapalli, pediatrics
  • Parul Desai, NP
  • Shiela Tesiny, RN

Their work didn’t end with medical mission trips and the establishment of the Negele Arsi Hospital. There’s one more part to the hospital’s title: Medical College. After building the facility, the college opened its doors with 129 students enrolled, offering studies in nursing, radiology and laboratory. Today, more than 500 students are taking classes in public health, medicine and other specialties.


In July, the future came to Gode Village thanks to Jake Futterman and EHA Robotics. EHA Robotics is a pilot program developed by Jake Futterman, a high schooler whose love of robotics and strong sense of community inspired him to travel to rural Ethiopia and launch a robotics summer camp for our Gode Primary School students. The program was a success on so many levels, inspiring Jake to create a follow up After School program that would sustain and improve the skills the teams learned over the summer.


August provided specialized surgeries to burn cases as well as cleft lip and palate patients, thanks to plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Alex Kim. In October, we formally launched the EHA Robotics After School program. The team provided 2 robotics kits for 8 team members, growing the number of team members to 12 because  it was impossible to turn away the top performers who were highly motivated to improve upon their robotics skills. This mission also marked the formation of the first-ever EHA Girls Robotics team! At the hospital, more remarkable developments were coming to life with the beautification and enhancements of the pediatrics unit courtesy of fifth grader, Betu Gelgelu.

Mission Results
  • February 1 – 10, 2018
  • Hospital Operations and Evaluation
  • Evaluation of operations, staffing and performance.
  • Preparation for Annual mission teams
  • June 16 – 30, 2018
  • Medical Mission: ENT Surgeries, Peds, Plastics
  • Inpatient and  outpatient medical and surgical care
  • Health Screenings at Gode health center
  • July 20 – 28, 2018
  • KIDS HELPING KIDS | EHA Robotics Camp
  • Education mission Gode Primary School
  • STAR Summer Program grades K-8
  • August 24 – Sept. 8, 2018
  • Medical Mission at Negele Arsi Hospital
  • Plastic / reconstructive and trauma surgery
  • October 21 – 25, 2018
  • KIDS HELPING KIDS | EHA Robotics After School
  • KIDS HELPING KIDS | Pediatrics Unit
  • After School Program with EHA Robotics
  • Hospital Marketing and Customer Service issues

I am so thankful to be welcomed into the Gode Village family and for the warmth, care, and hospitality they offered me throughout my stay in Ethiopia. They have changed my life forever.

Jake Futterman

Founder, EHA Robotics

As a kid, I know that hospital rooms can be scary and uncomfortable. So I wanted the kids to feel as relaxed as possible and make them less scared during their stay.

Betu Gelgelu

EHA Volunteer

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