February 2017 | Health Campus Changes Negele Arsi

Ethiopia Health Aid’s mission to build healthy, self-reliant communities in rural Ethiopia has evolved from diagrams on a page into meaningful partnerships with productive results throughout our service area. Our outcomes clearly illustrate that education, health, and action are the most effective ways to generate results, engage communities and create lasting, sustainable solutions.

The Negele Arsi Hospital and Health College campus is a sustainable solution that anchors our model of care. The land for this campus was acquired in 2007, groundbreaking was in 2010 and construction began in earnest in 2011. 2017 brings us to the hospital’s completion, and continuing progress of the rest of the campus development.


See the evolution of the Negele Arsi Hospital and Health College campus in the photos below. As the unifying hub of our care model, Negele Hospital and Health College offers Health, Opportunity, Progress and Education — HOPE — to a community where care is scarce.


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