EHA Robotics Summer Camp 2019

by Jake Futterman

In July 2019, a political assassination led to a region wide internet shut down during my EHA Robotics mission in rural Ethiopia. That was just the tip of the iceberg. But rainstorms, dense fog, flash floods, impassable roads, power outages, and many other logistical challenges could not stop my team and the middle schoolers of Gode School. Equipped with 7 robotics kits, 8 laptops, 1 FLL Challenge Set, school supplies, and lesson plans for the 5-day intensive summer camp, we put our minds, hearts, and hands to the task and sent our LEGO FLL Mindstorms robotics mission “Into Orbit.” It may have been a small step for the robots but it was a giant leap for Team EHA robotics. Thank you to all our donors and supporters for the generous donations of robotics equipment, laptops, school supplies, food, materials, and funding which has helped us to continue building upon the program I initiated last year. As Ethiopia HealthAid Founder, Dr. Hinika said, “EHA Robotics has helped these children see through the clouds, to their future.”


Mission Overview.

I spent 7 days in Ethiopia and taught the 5-day robotics camp from 9am-2pm, teaching students the basics of robotics and STEM ideas using LEGO Mindstorms EV3 technology. Working in small teams, students learned to design, build, program, and operate simple robots, culminating in a challenging and fun robotics competition.

My main goals were to teach them how to use LEGO Robotics and to help the students learn how to innovate, problem-solve, and work as a team, as well as develop an understanding of innovation design and STEM-related concepts that can greatly influence their future.

Jake Futterman leads EHA Robotics Competition Day!

After 5 days of learning new skills, building, programming and testing their original robot designs, the Gode School robotics team is ready to compete. EHA Robotics Founder Jake Futterman welcomes EHA Founder Dr. Gudata Hinika and the Gode Village elders and leaders to cheer them on during the final day the EHA Robotics 2019 Summer Camp.


Dr. Gudata Hinika goes ‘Into Orbit’ with Jake Futterman and EHA Robotics

It’s an exciting day for the entire community as community elders, parents, and students watch the EHA Robotics Team put their robots to the test. Guest of honor Dr. Gudata Hinika congratulates EHA Robotics Founder Jake Futterman and the team with this inspirational message.


Jake Futterman introduces EHA Robotics to Gode Village Leaders

EHA Robotics Founder Jake Futterman takes the floor to present robotics to community leaders. Although most of the village elders have never seen technological advancements like robots, nor have they heard of NASA, they were excited to see what the next generation (their children) could do with the lessons Jake was teaching. 



Jake Futterman is honored with Gode Village Youth Leadership Award

Wearing traditional Ethiopian formal wear, Jake is honored by Gode Village elders with the Community Youth Leadership Award. Here Jake gives his closing remarks, encouraging his amazing students to continue reaching for the stars.


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