EHA Robotics is a volunteer robotics mentoring program for schoolchildren in rural Ethiopia
founded by Jake Futterman, a high school student from Los Angeles, California
in partnership with Ethiopia HealthAid.


Now on its third year, EHA Robotics is realizing its vision to reach many more underserved students, teachers, and schools by creating a sustainable, replicable, and inclusive model that brings together and optimizes resources, technology, highly-trained volunteers, and participants in an accessible, fully-equipped, and comfortable learning environment. We are building the EHA Robotics Summer Academy for students and teachers from various underserved middle and high schools in the Arsi-Negele region of rural Ethiopia. Located at the Negele-Arsi General Hospital & Medical College, the Summer Academy offers Beginner and Advanced classes for students and a robotics Teacher Training Workshop. Through this program many students will have the opportunities to someday compete nationally in STEM and robotics, and to gain essential life skills such as teamwork, critical thinking, analysis, design, and problem solving. 

To accomplish this mission, EHA Founder Jake Futterman launched a grassroots volunteer recruitment campaign among his fellow students and robotics peers throughout the US. After a rigorous selection process, three outstanding student volunteers and their parents were selected. All highly achieving students, robotics champions, and exceptional community service leaders, these student volunteers will serve as instructors for the robotics mission in Ethiopia. In addition, two professional robotics specialists from Mirman School and the University of Michigan will accompany the team.

Sometimes, even the best laid plans have to give way to life’s challenges. While our plans were made, instructor teams recruited, funds and equipment set, and more Ethiopian schools  excited for the new summer camp sessions, the world had something else in store. The Coronavirus Pandemic took the world by storm, changing life for all of us. Although our 2020 Summer Academy has been postponed, it hasn’t stopped our team of amazing robotics enthusiasts.


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Video: EHA Robotics in Rural Ethiopia

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