EHA Robotics After School 2018

by Jake Futterman

To sustain the success we achieved over the summer, I have developed the EHA  Robotics After School Program.

 The EHA Robotics After School Program consists of a series of exercises and challenges to deepen the students’ knowledge and understanding of the concepts introduced over the summer. Students will meet monthly or bi-monthly to practice and learn until I return next year. They will be supported by the Physics teacher who trained with us. By following the workbooks I have created especially for them, these top performing students will explore and solidify their skills in robot building and programming with LEGO Mindstorms. 

About Gode School

Gode School does not have the resources to provide the technology and teaching materials that the students need. Many of the students are much older than the typical middle-schoolers because they often have to postpone their schooling to help their families survive. Girls have an even tougher time. In my class, only 1 in 8 students is female. 

These students barely have access to running water, or basic necessities. For many, it was their first time to even touch a computer, much less build a robot. But they have the determination and passion to learn; and the tenacity to tackle the most challenging concepts. These bright and talented students need our help to further develop their skills and realize their potential.


While the summer program was a success, the after school program is the next step in creating a sustainable, year-round program that can be a model for other rural schools.  Next summer, I will be returning to teach another class, in which I will incorporate some of the veterans from last year with some new students. In time, the program will expand to a point where the kids from Gode are able to compete locally, nationally, and perhaps, even globally. 

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